Engage in the E1st stakeholder community

The enefirst Stakeholder community will support the project in defining, prioritising and mapping specific actions to operationalise the E1st principle within the EU’s Energy Union framework.

What to expect? Give us your perspectives on the best way to materialize the E1st principle during workshops, in surveys, and other activities.

The enefirst community will be gathered along the lines of the existing working groups on energy transition (present in several countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and others), where several think tank groups (such as the Thought Leadership Group) will express views and provide solutions back to back with the Experts Advisory Board.

  • Energy efficiency policymakers,
  • energy suppliers,
  • transmission and distribution operators,
  • energy consumers,
  • energy service companies,
  • industrial associations,
  • scientific bodies/modellers and building related actors