Making the efficiency first principle operational

through stakeholder engagement via interviews, workshops

investigating real examples from local, regional and national levels

Efficiency First is the fundamental principle applied to policymaking, planning and investment in the energy sector, around which the EU’s energy system should be designed.

It means considering the potential value of investing in efficiency (including energy savings and demand-response) in all decisions about energy system development – be that in homes, offices, industry or mobility.

Where efficiency improvements are shown to be most cost-effective or valuable, taking full account of their co-benefits, they should be prioritised over any investment in new power generation, grids or pipelines, and fuel supplies.

From definition to implementation, enefirst will help making the E1st principle more concrete and operational, better understand its relevance for energy demand and supply and its broader impacts across sectors and markets, focusing on the buildings sector.

The project will provide a clear definition of E1st, understand its value for the energy system, develop policy proposals and test those in specific cases.