Local energy planning for commercial areas: what role for the Energy Efficiency First principle?

13 Apr 2022 14:00

This event has passed. You can find the presentation slides here and the recording here.


The Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle aims to find a balance between saving energy and supplying energy. In this webinar we will investigate the possible scope for the EE1st principle in local energy planning for commercial areas that are characterized by offices, warehouses and other typical buildings. By modelling a set of three scenarios for commercial areas in Spain, Germany and Hungary, we show that saving energy through energy-efficient appliances and other measures can significantly reduce the system cost for generating and distributing energy in these areas. These insights are not only valuable for decision-makers involved in local energy planning in Europe, but also for researchers dealing with models of local energy systems.

Speaker: Tim Mandel, Fraunhofer ISI