[Webinar] Comprehensive assessments of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and current EU policy changes

10 Mar 2022 09:00

As a response to the European Commission’s 2050 decarbonization goals, sEEnergies uniquely considers all aspects of the Energy Efficiency (EE) First Principle. By applying it in sectors and markets, country-by-country and grid-by-grid, and by combining temporal and spatial analyses, sEEnergies will develop an innovative, holistic and research-based EE-modelling approach.

The aim of sEEnergies is to quantify and operationalize the potentials for energy efficiency in buildings, transport, and industry. The project goes beyond state-of-the-art science-based knowledge and methods, as it combines sectorial bottom-up knowledge with hour-by-hour modelling of the energy systems and spatial analysis in the EU. Web: www.seenergies.eu Twitter: @sEEnergiesEU

At this webinar Ulrich Reiter from TEP Energy presents an assessment of the energy efficiency and renewable energy potentials in both residential and non-residential buildings. The presentation will shed light on the cost aspects of different refurbishment measures and their contribution to reducing the energy demand. In addition, these measures are compared to the costs of using renewable energy for building related energy services. We will present data from the EU28 countries on energy efficiency potentials in the building sector and give a broad understanding of the economic, social and ecological impacts of implementing the Energy Efficiency First Principle in the buildings sector.

BPIE will present the current status of the revisions of the directives on energy efficiency in the light of #FitFor55. New policies need to further address energy efficiency in buildings but has embedded dilemmas about the balance between supply of renewable energy and demands as well as building level and community level energy efficiency.


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