Take 5 minutes to tell us your views about barriers to E1st, before May 8, 2020

Posted on 15 Apr 2020

The ENEFIRST project aims to make the fundamental principle of Energy Efficiency First (E1st) operational.

One of the current tasks of the project is to analyse barriers to the implementation of the E1st principle in different policy areas.
We welcome your views on this topic through a quick online survey.

The answers are processed in an anonymised way. The results will be part of a public report about identifying barriers to the implementation of the E1st principle, that will feed the process of developing practical policy recommendations.


Thank you in advance for your participation!


Background of the survey:

The E1st principle is to ensure that options on the demand-side and options on the supply-sides are compared on a fair basis, whenever an investment related to energy is considered. This means in particular that, in addition to the investor’s point of view, the comparison shall take into account the society point of view, and thereby the policy objectives the investment will have impact on.

In other words, E1st is not another name for energy efficiency. It is about a systemic approach that considers the interlinkages between demand and supply of energy.

The first step of the project was to analyse the background of this concept and clarify its definition and purposes (see first ENEFIRST report), and to look at existing examples where E1st has been implemented in practice.