The European Commission has now released its strategy for energy sector integration “with ‘energy-efficiency-first’ at its core”

Posted on 17 Jul 2020

On 8th of July, the European Commission published its strategy for energy sector integration, as a key component to achieve the long term objective of climate neutrality by 2050 set in the EU Green Deal.

This strategy is meant to break the silos of “several parallel, vertical energy value chains, which rigidly link specific energy resources with specific end-use sectors.”: “the coordinated planning and operation of the energy system ‘as a whole’, across multiple energy carriers, infrastructures, and consumption sectors – is the pathway towards an effective, affordable and deep decarbonisation of the European economy.”

The strategy is structured around six pillars, with the first pillar being “a more circular energy system, with ‘energy-efficiency-first’ at its core“.

However, as this European Commission’s communication rightly emphasised: “Turning this vision into a reality requires resolute action, now”.

The enefirst project is therefore very timely to provide technical support and resources for Member States and stakeholders to walk the talk.

For example, we can recommend to have a look at the various examples showing how efficiency first can be implemented in practice!