“How to account for « Efficiency First » in energy system modelling”, Expert Online Workshop, 17 June 2020

17 Jun 2020 14:00

The objective of this expert workshop was to discuss how energy system models can be used to practically inform decision-makers in the context of « Efficiency First » and what methodological challenges this entails.

In fact, in order to embrace the Efficiency First principle, models must properly account for the cross-sectoral impacts of efficiency measures and their effects on the total system costs while not leaving aside decision-making of consumers and suppliers. Established modelling studies however tend to focus on one side of the energy system, e.g. analysing supply infrastructure expansion based on extrapolations of the energy demand. In addition, model-based cost-benefit analyses struggle to expand their scope with regard to multiple impacts for the economy, health, and other indicators. Enhancing such model-based analyses is thus key to put « Efficiency First » into practice in all energy planning and investment decisions.

The workshop was introduced by Serena Pontoglio (DG ENER, European Commission).


The ENEFIRST consortium would like to thank all the experts who attended this workshop for the stimulating discussions. The minutes of the workshop will be added to this page in July.