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01 Jun 2022 00:00

Since its adoption in the frame of the EU Clean Energy for All Europeans package, the Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle has been recognised in national planning documents, such as the National Energy and Climate Plans (NEPC), to some extent. EE1st is a decision principle to prioritise investments in energy efficiency and demand-side resources whenever these options are more cost-effective than investments in energy supply from a societal perspective in meeting given policy objectives.

Implementing EE1st means in practice:

  1. To systematically consider energy efficiency and other demand-side resources among the possible options when comparing, planning or deciding investments.
  2. To ensure that the energy efficiency and demand-side resources are assessed and valued on a fair basis compared to supply-side investments (or other investment types).
  3. To prioritize the choice of energy efficiency and demand-side resources when relevant, based on the assessment in the previous steps.

EE1st is not yet implemented on a systematic basis in energy policy making, planning and investment. The European Commission published in September 2021 its Recommendation and guidelines to support a broader implementation of EE1st.
This conference will illustrate and discuss in practical terms how the EE1st principle can help get the most out of energy efficiency and other demand-side resources to achieve a sustainable and resilient energy system in the EU. Which became even more critical in the current energy crisis.
The two days will combine the latest findings of the sEEnergies and ENEFIRST projects, together with roundtables with experts and stakeholders.

The first day (sEEnergies) will focus on innovative methods and new results on energy efficiency potentials in all end-use sectors and from an energy system perspective, as this is the basis and first step in implementing EE1st by making possible to consider on a systematic basis the available demand-side resources.

The second day (ENEFIRST) will focus on the integration of the EE1st principle in policies for buildings and their energy supply. This will illustrate in practice the path from quantitative assessment to policy and decision making.

The event will be held in English, in Brussels and with the possibility to join online.

This event is jointly organised by the H2020 projects ENEFIRST and sEEnergies.



Day 1 – May 31: EE1st and the actual situation in Europe

11:00 Welcome – registrations and light lunch

12:00 Opening: Integrating EE1st in sectors. EE1st in Buildings, Industry and Transport – Take-offs from sEEnergies

15:00 Coffee break and poster session

16:00 Energy Efficiency First, Energy Security and the actual situation in Europe: Guest speaker on the European perspective, Key political messages from sEEnergies and Debate

18:00 Wrap up


Day 2 – June 1: Making Energy Efficiency happen First!

10:15 Welcome and registrations

10:45 Opening: Why EE1st is an essential principle for the Energy Union

11:00 Quantifying EE1st with a new look at energy system cost to investigate trade-offs between end-use energy efficiency and supply-side options to decarbonize buildings

12:15 Experts’ round table: How quantitative assessments can inform the trade-offs between energy efficiency, RES and electrification on the road to carbon neutrality in buildings

13:00 Lunch break and poster session

14:15 Getting EE1st implemented – ENEFIRST policy proposals to change mindsets from silo thinking to integrated approaches in energy planning and policy design, and to fill the gap to get building owners’ decisions aligned with what the society needs

15:30 Policy makers’ round table: Current and upcoming challenges to get EE1st implemented

16:30 Wrap up and “tea/coffee” poster session




Disclaimer: sEEnergies and ENEFIRST have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 846463 and 839509 respectively.


Please check the COVID regulations currently in place in Belgium before travelling.